What are ICT?

ICT is the blanket term given to technology that assist people in their everyday life and supports individuals to further their learning. The following study notes reflect on why there is no clear definition of ICT and states that this is because on the technological advancement is seen daily. I have to agree with notes that it is important that ICT not defined and limited so that creativity and technological advancements are not halted by defining barriers.

How do I learn new ICT?

With the technological advancements happening so quickly these days, I find it a constant battle to keep up with trends and latest technology but I try to approach all new technology inquisitively, with an open mind and flexibility. I tend to like to explore technology in more of a trial and error way, adapting and developing knowledge from mistakes made to develop a deeper understanding.



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2 thoughts on “What are ICT?

  1. shannonwhite79 says:

    Hi Colin,

    I just want to say I love your picture you have added to this post as it is a great saying and definitely something we as Pre-service teachers or even those who already work in the education industry or even as parents should try to instill in all children in our care as much as we can.
    I think it is even something adults should take on board as we can often be too hard on ourselves and think making mistakes is a bad thing or that we are stupid therefore depleting our own self confidence. I for one will definitely try remember and recite this quote on a daily basis.
    Thank you for sharing!!
    I too find myself in a constant battle trying to keep up the constant updating of technology and apps etc. As much as I hate to admit it my 10 year old daughter is definitely more tech savvy than myself and is often teaching me new things. I simply know what I need to know and unless it is for university I usually don’t go looking to update these important and valuable skills.
    However perhaps after this course I will begin to do this to ensure I am at the head of the class and not being shown up by my students when I finally finish this degree.

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