The Great Outdoors

I began following Jackie Gerstein, Ed.D. blog after reading her post about taking learners and technology outside and extending student learning beyond the four walls of the classroom. I was raised in an era where education was confined to four walls and as technology advanced, time with ICT was minimal due to equipment shortages and teacher knowledge. The rote style of delivery and text books were often the tool of choice to help develop our understanding. This was often delivered at speeds that I struggled to keep up with; so I found myself missing huge areas of content, having work that was illegible and often having no clue about what I had just learnt. Jackie’s post describes the benefits of real world learning that enables students to acquire knowledge with the aid of technology that not only improves their comprehension but also sees vast improvements in students’ self-efficacy.

The YouTube clip embedded into the blog describes how children are excited to use technology to learn and like these students I am excited and already thinking of ways to implement a pedagogy that utilises technology both within the classroom and the real world.


Gerstein, J. (2013, April 18). Taking the Learners and Technology Outdoors. Retrieved from:

National Environmental Education Foundation. (2012, December 3). Using Technology to connect students & the environment. Retrieved from:



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