Internet Generation

I saw the following clip while scanning through my Facebook feed and had a little bit of a giggle to myself. Shortly afterwards I began to think a little more about the clip and then started to think about its deeper meaning. I worry about society’s need to use ICT to entertain and at times educate their children. Don`t get me wrong, I realise the internet has been a fantastic tool to extend learning experiences, and without it I wouldn`t be able to study, but I don`t believe children should have their every step paraded on social media. I believe that children younger than ten should be educated about the dangers of the internet. I began to read more into the Internet Generation and found this great guide for parents and educators about protecting children from the dangers ICT can bring. As someone that works in a school environment, the conversation about the internet comes up regularly, with some supporting the use of firewalls to filter out inappropriate material, while others push for the filters to be lifted and students educated about appropriate use and dangers. To me, I believe there should be a more gradual release of blocks, with students being given more access as they progress through their schooling. This will assist to prepare students for the outside world where filters may not be available.


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3 thoughts on “Internet Generation

  1. traceygreentree says:

    Hi Colin,
    I strongly agree with this sentiment. Children should also be able to entertain themselves without the use of screens. I found an interesting study in Japan where they researched the digital literacy and non digital literacy of children and found that they were similar for each individual participant. So therefore the illiterate are also digitally illiterate. This then poses what will happen to those students on the lower end of the socioeconomic divide.


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