Reflection so far?

I have just finished the Week 2 course work and have seen a few of my peers reflect on their experiences so far and thought ‘what a great idea!’. I look forward to reading about their journey and progression as they move further into the course. Thank you to Carrie and Sabeeca for sharing your experiences.

My current feeling is a bit like a revolving door whirling around where I feel moments of excitement discovery new skills such as Feedly and Diigo, before I begin to feel apprehensive about what I have got myself into when I look at the following week’s Moodle book. That being said, I think David has done a fantastic job at times of relieving my apprehension with having students introduce themselves and explain a little about themselves. This has helped me to know I wasn`t alone. Sometimes studying online can be a lonely, I even came across some students that lived within 10 minutes of me and some such as Andrew who live further afield in Norway.

In week one, we discussed what ICT was to us and did a short quiz. I got 9 out of 10 and I instantly knew the one I got wrong, the overhead projector image. I toyed over this image where the others I knew instantly.

Week one work soon rolled into week two and we were questioned ‘what is our somewhere?’, before finding out about copyright and assignment 1.  We were also asked to construct a concept map of why and why not use ICT and Pedagogy. I found this to be an interesting task as I set myself the task of using as I had previously used Visio and Gliffy and wanted to test more free- to-use tools to share within the classroom. The site was really easy to manipulate and I found my thoughts flowed freely and I was able to paint a visual picture of the benefits and downfalls of ICT within school environment.



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