Where is my somewhere?

This week I was asked to consider my somewhere. A teacher’s somewhere includes:

  1. Context – The classroom, school, year
  2. Curriculum and learning objectives; and what is you have to teach.
  3. – interests, current knowledge and how they learn.

To me the first two are really simple. My context is Primary Education something that I am often asked why I chose. I guess this stems from a male Primary teacher not being the ‘norm’. Like in the following video I look forward to helping lay the foundations for students to develop on their educational journey.  On my placement for EDP2222, I was lucky enough to experience my first lower years’ placement and really enjoyed working with students at the lower end of the primary scale, so I would target my school year level at Years 2 to 3.

The curriculum and learning objectives are governed by the Australian Curriculum. It will be my job as the facilitator to ensure that I build an engaging experience from the content descriptors and general capabilities set out within the curriculum.

Last but not least the learners to me are the at the forefront of your somewhere. To get the most out of your students you must show an active interest in them and it vital that we develop a somewhere that the students feel safe to explore and make mistakes. As noted by Shannon White, if we can instil this in a child’s mind, you can develop more confident learners that will love education.

So to me my somewhere is in a Primary classroom, that allows children to discover curiosity and exploration.



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Department of Education Western Australia. (2015, August 27). Males in Primary – Choose Teaching. . Video posted to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Soi3VcMWibw

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