Assignment 1 Lesson Plan Quest.

The time has come to start assignment 1. I read the assessment outline and the triple checked the criteria for the lesson plan. I had originally thought about using a lesson plan of my own, one that I had done on practicum so I could critique my own practice but found that a lot of my lessons had minimal ICT within them due to a limited means within the school. Like many of my fellow peers, I spent a long time search for lesson plans that:

But most importantly was copyright free. This last criterion looked like the main stumbling block and every site seemed to go into extensive detail about the use of their lessons and I found a lot of this unclear. Like Lucy and Jessica, I was becoming frustrated as I read through countless sites copyright and usage rulings and decided my best bet was to contact the site itself to ask permission. I chose the website Cap That as I liked there set up and their lesson content. I began to search for contact details but I couldn`t find any due to restructures in the company but I didn`t give up and decided to contact them via Facebook. I sent the message and received an instant reply around copyright usage and who to contact. I signed straight into my email to ask permission and within 24 hours I had received permission.  I would recommend to my fellow peers to choice a site and look to make contact, good luck everyone.

happy by Jumilla, on Flickr
happy” (CC BY 2.0) by  Jumilla 



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5 thoughts on “Assignment 1 Lesson Plan Quest.

  1. shannonwhite79 says:

    Thanks for the heads up Colin. I plan on tackling a lot of work in order to get back on track with this subject (there always seems 2 be so much to do!!) tomorrow. And on the list is assignment 1.
    I will definitely take on your advice!!!


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