Copyright Material

So like many of my peers, I fell into the trap of copyright. Like Maria Ambrose, I thought images were not covered by copyright unless explicitly stated by the © symbol. I also knew that you couldn`t knock off any advertisement but I thought images of certain things where ok if on the internet. So I now know unless I have permission or it’s under a creative common license – I can`t use it.

I would like to thank Rebecca Davis for documenting the steps. I often find when reading the Moodle books information can go in but then immediately go back out but your guide helped reaffirm the information.  So I thought I would use the steps outlined by Rebecca the following steps are what you need to do.

1.       Find an image using a source that you know you are free to use e.g. Creative commons. I searched for technology.

2.       I then used the image Codr Service to attribute the image for my blog.

3.       I upload my image to my blog post by editing my blog post and then going to the HTML tab and using the HTML code provided by ImageCodr.

    Here is my image:


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