In the Right Hands

As set out by David in his Moodle book, it is not just how ICT and Pedagogy is used but more importantly who is using ICT and Pedagogy. I have worked at a school for nearly 8 years now and I often hear that technology is the answer (I admit to being one of those people who thought ICT was the answer to everything). Since studying, my thoughts have changed drastically and I now believe that technology should meet developmental mile stones of a child rather than latest trends. This is for a couple of reason; the first is education will never be able to keep up with technology both financially and with the personal development of staff and students; the second is that students need to be provided with engaging experiences. To me lower primary student wouldn`t be engaged if asked them to type lots but would be more engaged at home through interaction and exploration where they can discover outcomes and information.

So when considering ICT in your classroom ask not what ICT can do for you, ask what it can do for your students. Look for opportunities for students to use and manipulate ICT to maximise their learning. New Technology can be scary and I appreciate you often don`t have a class set but don`t leave technology for your own personal use and let students have a go.


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