The Magic of Technology.

I came across the following blog post by Mel, that discusses how important technology has become and how the following ad from Telstra titled “The magic of technology” reminded her of its importance. I think in today’s society we often fail to realise how far technology has come and how reliant our day to day lives are on technology.

My father was in the army and was often away for long periods of time, I often wonder if his experience would have been different if he could have used technology like Skype, rather than a telephone call that was often poor quality and for short periods of time. I am often told the story about how I didn`t recognise my father when he returned from the Falklands War because I never got to see his face while he was away. The clip reminded me about this but also made me appreciate technology more as I regularly use ICT to communicate with family and friends back in the UK.

Thanks Mel for sharing your thoughts.


Luck, M. (2016, July 18). The magic of technology. Retrieved from:

Telstra. (2016, July 16). The magic of technology. Video posted to


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