Reflecting on Week 3

Well I think I am getting my head around the Moodle books and quite liking the setup. I can do these relatively short booklets but split them up throughout the week so the work becomes clearer and not the normal tedious lectures that gives me a large chuck of information at once.

So in week 3 we learnt about the RAT Model and as Stefanie states in her blog, we don`t want to replace pedagogical practice with ICT but see the implementation of technology amplify or transform to advantage the students or teacher.

My understanding of the RAT Model (Replacement Amplification Transformation) is as follows;

Replacement – means that technology has been added but what the students and teachers do remains the same (basically there is no advantage added).

Amplification – Some advantages have occurred by adding ICT to the lesson.

Transformation – Means that adding ICT has made a radical difference or something new can occur (change that happens for the best).

I found the more I read about the RAT model the more sense it makes. I’ve often thought ‘why has this not been implemented into my place of work?’ I then decided to send a copy of the RAT model to two of my colleagues to suggest this is implemented when staff want to purchase new ICT equipment or packages.


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