If you haven’t guessed.

So if you haven’t guessed, I am more of a visual learner that someone who reads pages and pages of text. I decided to take a look into the implementation of technology into the classroom, a practice penned a blending learning.

I began watching a TEDx talk by Jessie Woolley-Wilson called Blending technology and classroom learning. The clip brought many things too light about ICT within the classroom and how the use of adaptive technology can be used to help cater for the varying learning needs and abilities within the classroom. Woolley-Wilson also raised that as a future educator, it is important that we remember that students today learn differently from those of the past and how we must prepare them for the world of tomorrow.

I then went onto Monique Markoff TEDx talk called Blended learning and the future of education. This clip recognised the power of technology but raised the importance of the teacher in a child’s success. Markoff noted that in one study, students who completed assessment through the use of technology had a 25% success rate where there was an additional 20% increase when a teacher was involved with technology.  The clip looked further into the implementation of blended learning and different ways to implement to support student learning.

It was interesting to watch both clips and the varying view points on the same topic and how one clip focused on the decrease in financial support causing issues; whereas the other clip saw that when ICT was planned and implemented successfully this often saw financial saving to more traditional means.

I have seen the use of blending learning tools, such as supporting student’s mathematical development, but for me, for this technology to be successful there needs to be variation with students receiving direct instruction on top of the blended learning tool to ensure understanding. I believe the adaptive resources are often implemented without careful planning as time fillers and to me this is not an effective use of tools.  The following clip, demonstrates to me how ICT should be implemented for effective blended learning to take place. The clips demonstrates that through planning and implementation, students can take greater control over their own learning to become critical thinkers and build a deeper understanding with the teacher working as a facilitator guiding the class.


TCDSB 21C. (2015, February 18). What Blended Learning Looks Like in the Classroom. Video posted to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NPvreKWaKjY

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