Just keep swimming.

I think it is going to be one of those semesters! Just as I think I am getting on top of things, assignment deadlines for my other subject are moved, so they are now two weeks earlier (to be fair they told us in week 1 but I missed it and took the course guide as Gospel). Like Charlotte, I begin to wish for more days in the week or a day off here or there to allow me to get on top of uni requirements but I guess degrees aren’t given out like smarties.

So this week I am getting there, completing my other subject’s lectures, quizzes and beginning the course assignment. To keep up with the EDC3100 requirements and not have to play catch up on this subject, I have elected to do the Moodle books and then revisit the tasks at a later date. Some may call it crazy but I like to think of it as creative thinking as it gives me more time to toss ideas around in my head and nut out the finer detaisl – well that’s what I am telling myself and I am sticking with it. I have also elected to use a small window before dinner to check my Feedly page and then write my own blog post. I have found that I have really enjoyed building my network and try and make a connection outside of my course peers from other teaching professionals every week.  I have found this to be a real eye opener and in some cases inspiring, it really helps to cement that I’m on the right path.

So here is my checklist, getting there.


1.       Moodle book week 5

2.       Moodle book week 6

3.       Blog post 1

4.       Blog post 2  -Currently writing

5.       Blog post 3

6.       Catch up on Assignment

Other course

1.       Lecture

2.       Quiz

3.       Assignment 3

I am sure there is something I have missed but I will soon add it to the list.


Headon, C. (2016, August 13). Assignment two cont… Retrieved from:https://misscheadowordpress.wordpress.com/2016/08/13/assignment-two-cont/


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