Jagged and not truly average

I watched the following video and was instantly drawn in as it spoke about the failures of rote learning and how students often struggled to be engaged. I know I did, often finding myself disengaged from the classroom content. The clip then went on to talk about ICT and exploring using technology, enabling students to make mistakes along their way.  I remember my childhood and how I learnt many of the things through exploration and play off my old computer system. I found that this system allowed me to make mistakes without fear of being put down.

I also found this clip interesting as it reflected upon collaborative learning as a tool that was relatively new. A common practice now, some 4 years later, that I am often asked about. I often wish that today’s current education practices were around when I was a child and wonder if my learning difficulties would have been better supported if they were. I often spent hours upon hours writing words out that I misspelt in an effort to allow me to remember the correct spelling but I very rarely remembered them due to switching off. I see some of the adaptive ICT games today for spelling and maths and think I would have loved this and would have had hours of enjoyment progressing through content. Before I ramble on about myself too much, I wanted to air the importance of ICT and the correct implementation to support student growth, exploration and transform the educational practices within the classroom. Victor Hu in the following clip uses a term that I think describes students well, everyone has jagged learning profiles where none of us are truly average. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses but with the use of ICT it is evening the playing field and transforming education. As future educators, in is important we remember that our student learning profile is jagged.

I have also had my thoughts further developed for my unit plan hoping to create learning episodes that see the students exploring past and current technology to develop a deeper understanding.


Goldman Sachs. (2016, June 13). New School – 3 Ways technology will transform the classroom: Goldman Sachs’ Victor Hu. Video posted to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y17l-hxFz1M

Good Magazine. (2012, May 30). Future Learning |Mini documentary| Good. Video posted to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qC_T9ePzANg



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