Not going to plan. -Please take a moment to complete the question at the end.

So I hoped to finish my other assignment on Tuesday last week but this didn`t go to plan with life once again getting in the way. I decided to give myself Friday and Saturday night off to refresh the batteries with my life seeming to be a continual loop of the three works: House work, paid work, and student work. Now feeling refreshed and with the laundry in the washing machine I thought I would jump on here and get myself organised to hit the unit plan. So I went through and printed some important documents off. I know having them on a computer saves paper and other things but I find sometimes it is beneficial to have a quick point of reference to look at and ascertain if you are on track.  So I now have the following documents

  1. Assessment outline;
  2. Annotated sample of me and my family tree unit; and
  3. The Year 2 History Standard Elaboration.

I feel good and ready to go but I thought I would have a quick peek at my feedly, I find that looking at my PLN often helps me regain focus as well as letting me know I am not alone on this course and others are in a similar boat. I came across Charlotte’s blog post about music. Like Charlotte and Chris, I often find that listening to music allows me to withdraw from the world around me and gain focus on the task in hand. I use Pandora as I find it has far less ads than Spotify. I have a wide range of musical taste but my current are a bit of Aussie Rock and Chris Tomlins (those who don`t know him, he is a Christian singer, I am not particularly religious but I find it a calming entity for study).  This being said I know music is not for everyone, my wife for example likes complete silence (she is not as easily distracted by outside noise as I am). So give it a go – it might help. Why not complete the following survey that I created to see how Google Docs works.


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4 thoughts on “Not going to plan. -Please take a moment to complete the question at the end.

  1. bobbie090167 says:

    Thank you Colin for keeping this as real as it needs to be! Love the way you have weaved in a survey – was thinking about how this may be able to come into my own unit of work. In answering the survey with a no I was also aware that at times – that is if the house has been still and quiet and the right music is playing it can help. With pets, 5 children ranging from the age of 8 to 23 all still living in our 3-4 bedroom, one bathroom, one toilet home – silence is rare. So had to go with no this time around! Love your thinking out loud!


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