Prac is just around the corner.

I saw a forum post from Jess, who has found out her allocation for placement and immediately jumped on to Inplace and like Charlotte, I have not been allocated. I felt a bit defeated.  There is only a couple of weeks left of this school term and it would be nice to receive my placement. This would enable me to visit my mentor and begin planning for my placement. We always get given a checklist that I often think is unrealistic as a USQ student as we often do not find out our site until the day before.

I understand the reasoning behind the Prac Office having to organise our placement but I am often frustrated by the allocation. I am not saying the ladies in the Placement Office don`t do a great job, as I know they would like to place people earlier if they could, but I guess due to staff shortages and high number of students they are constantly playing catch up. I once asked the site coordinator at the school I work at why they didn`t take USQ students and received the response that the school wasn`t provided information early enough by the university so chose to accept students from other universities over USQ. I often wonder how many other schools have the same thought. I have found I have enjoyed the placement when you return to a site more as you are not on the back foot.

Good luck to my peers on placement – I hope you receive your placement soon.


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