Assignment 2 reflection or should I say second guessing.

Well I am well under way with my assignment 2 but I am finding that I am often second guessing myself (I will be honest I often doubt myself). I have found that the course has been great for scaffolding as we go, but I would love to have a clearer assignment break down.  I printed a page from the Moodle book with an overview, but found this way very brief and I would have loved a more thorough guide as I find jumping between Moodle books and checking elements very confusing at times.

I am with Sarah, and found the criteria very confusing part of the assignment and found that I need to request additional support within the forum as I spent far too long looking for the correct information.  I was very grateful that David got back to me and pointed me to a page within the Moodle book that has been a great help.

I will continue to plod along and get the assignment done, I have an extension but the longer I spend on this assignment, the further I fall behind with the course material so it is a catch 20-20 situation. Oh well, looks like I’ll be having some long nights and days ahead.


Mollenhauer, S. (2016, August 27). Criteria. Retrieved from:

Jones, D. (2016). Assessment -tasks, criteria and descriptors. Retrieved 2016, September 6 from:


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