Thank you, but you need to listen to music you like.

I would like to take a moment to thank those people who took the time to answer my survey about whether they found music helped them focus when studying. I had 13 responses and the results were as follows; 5 people responded No, with the other 8 responding with yes – music helped them to focus.  I find it helps me, so I will continue to get my groove on and study.

I then found Lucy Stevens blog post about  listening to music and how it stimulated emotion for her. I have many songs that do the same from my wedding song to a song that reminds me of a friend who has pasted. I believe that music stimulates emotion in all. Lucy watched the following clip about how music creates fireworks of emotion when listening to music, however musicians give these fireworks a good work out when they play. I wasn`t that good a musician so it did nothing for me.

After watching the clip and looking at my quiz results, I thought I would check this out further and did a Google search to find a response to ‘does music help you focus’. I came across the following website and found the response interesting. I had never thought about whether my focus on tasks was improved when I enjoyed music more than if I didn`t, but I suppose listening to music I like often relaxes me, so I would say they were right.


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