Well that is assignment 2 completed, only 4 days over the due date. I am grateful that David approved my extension as I had my head in a tumble going around and round in circles. This being said, I enjoyed this assignment as it made me think about the bigger picture and review potential practices to ensure they are not just gap fillers but see some enhancements within the classroom. While writing the justification I was wondering why people picked their content descriptors and learning areas? Was it because they had previously created the unit or did they see an area of weakness? I picked Year 2 History with the following content descriptors:

Humanities and Social Sciences / F–6/7 HASS / Year 2 / Knowledge and Understanding / History / ACHASSK046:  How changing technology affected people’s lives (at home and in the ways they worked, travelled, communicated and played in the past)(ACHASSK046)

 Humanities and Social Sciences / F–6/7 HASS / Year 2 / Inquiry and skills / Analysing / ACHASSI039: Compare objects from the past with those from the present and consider how places have changed over time (ACHASSI039)

As I had previously taught two lessons within a unit of work while on my last placement and I thought this lesson could be further enhanced through the use of children exploring technology enhancements. This was not as easy as I thought, with many of my ideas being wrote off when I applied the RAT model to review my practice.

Like Sebeeca , I am too relieved to have finished the assignment 2 but now the realisation that I am two, almost three weeks behind in the learning path has hit and my thoughts turn to the learning draft emails David will send tomorrow. Last week I got a big fat zero, I knew I would but the email brings things to light with it no fuss, to the point texts.

Mel Gibson’s Angry Rant Audio Released by thedailyenglishshow, on Flickr
Mel Gibson’s Angry Rant Audio Released” (CC BY 2.0) by  thedailyenglishshow 


Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA). (2016). Humanities and social science. Retrieved from:

Marouf, S. (2016, August 19). Assignment 2 nightmares !. Retrieved from:


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