Prac is just around the corner.

I wish my placement was just around the corner but I am yet to be placed. I wish I was in the same situation as Susan who has met her mentor and discussed placement. I hate playing catch up and always find that when you are allocated placement last minute your anxiety levels are sky high as you have no idea what you are doing and aren`t able to plan before you go.  That being said, I am happy to see many of my peers have been placed with only 57 students being left to be placed. I believe the placement process would be a lot easier if they allocated people to the Brisbane placement who can build relationships with schools and allocate students earlier but I guess this is just wishful thinking and it not really this easy or it would be done. Fingers crossed I am placed as I have leave booked and need to be back within a week of placement otherwise some work that cannot wait will be another obstacle for placement once again dragging the process on.


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