To be continued.

Well most people have finished assignment 2 but I am still going. I have now finished the unit plan, assessment sheet and I am onto the justification. My initial thoughts were 500 words won`t take that long but I believe its a true art form to find viable references without procrastinating to anything and everything else, I see that Bek has this down pat. I also think 500 words isn`t that much to try and get what you want across to the audience.

So my plan tonight is to finish at least most of the justification and then try and get through the Moodle booklets over the next few days. Fingers crossed I can do this and then be able to relax for Saturday’s game: Australia v South Africa.  I have tickets and I would prefer not to have the pressure of having to finish the justification.


Graf, R. (2016, September 4). Procrastination- a true art form. Retrieved from:


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