Digital Citizenship

I believe that my experience and knowledge of digital citizenship is good but not great. I believe this is one of those topics that due to technology advancements is forever changing. I also find this topic is one that children are often wrapped in cotton wool about with the problem often being swept under the carpet with blocks and filters rather than teaching students what to do if they find or are sent something inappropriate.

I also find that students are not aware of the power of the internet until they are informed. Many students think that deleting a picture will remove it from online but once online this is up there for everyone to see and share.

Quiz results

The first quiz I got 2 out 4 questions right. The two I got wrong were questions 3 and 4. The last response I didn`t really see the bigger picture and was thinking the bullying had been stopped and we were equipping students generally to help for future occasions.

The second quiz I got 22 out of 25, I believe this may be due to alternative opinions. I believe parents should be allowed to view what their child is doing whether their child is there or not.

Like Emma, I believe there are always ways to expand your knowledge on digital citizenship. So much so I am completing teacher training online for my own personal development. The training is provided by Netsmartz and sponsored by Disney Net Penguin provides short video clips and quizzes to complete in the training. I found the quizzes to be a really good reminder to educators providing you with advice, warning signs and teaching strategies – come on give it a go.

My place of work is currently implementing the eSmart program and this looks like another great initiative.

Please see image of overview below of the Netsmartz program.





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