Process Driven

So I have been through the course material and found that I was getting confused a little bit with the planning stages and making sure I completed all the steps – so I have created an excel workbook that has individual worksheets with steps for planning. I know some people will be thinking this is a bit of overkill but I hope it will allow me to make informed decisions for implementing ICT within my pedagogical practice.

So I have ten steps to go through.

  1. Look at lesson details (Curriculum, Year level and Learning objectives)
  2. Think about how to teach the subject
  3. Look for alternative examples.
  4. Phase 1 of TIP Model
  5. Phase 2 of TIP Model
  6. Phase 3 of TIP Model
  7. RAT model
  8. Phase 4 of TIP Model (Create Plan B within this stage).
  9. ICT Checklist at start of day.
  10. Phase 5 of TIP Model

As I am going through these steps I will also complete my lesson plan. Lots of steps, but I believe as a student is learning it will pay to go through each step until I have cemented the process in my head that it becomes second nature.

So I am about to start planning so lets see how I go. I have deliberately made this document a fluid document that can be modified so I can make changes to improve my own practices.


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