Technological, Pedagogical and Content Knowledge (TPACK).

TPACK is a framework that helps educators identify knowledge that they might need to focus on to be able to teach effectively with technology.

The following sites have a visual break down of the Venn diagram of the TPACK model.

The so the elements of the TPACK model.

Technology Knowledge

This is the knowledge and mastery of technology so that you can plan and implement technology and know when it is not required.

Pedagogical Knowledge

This is the knowledge and practice of teaching and learning. So that the teacher can implement classroom management, assessment and planning and taxonomies.

Content Knowledge

The knowledge of the subject content such as concepts, theories etc. and the practices to develop such knowledge.

Pedagogical Content Knowledge (PCK)

PCK links together pedagogical and content knowledge to bring about learning built on a strong foundation of subject knowledge and teaching and learning practices.

Technological Content Knowledge (TCK)

TCK is interpreting the curriculum through a technology lens and the impact that this can have on the curriculum area.

Technological Pedagogical Knowledge (TPK)

TPK is an understanding of how teaching and learning can change with the use of particular ICT are used in a certain way. Knowing tools and when to use them.


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