Technology Integration Planning (TIP)

This model is designed to help teachers who are new to technology plan for effective use of technology.

The TIP model has Five Phases that each has a checklist of questions to insure effective use of technology. I found the following site was great for me to understand the model further

Phase 1: Does technology bring advantages? Possible good solution or better ways than more traditional means. Is the advantage sufficient to justify expense and effort?

Phase 2: Decide on objective and assessment methods best suits with this integration. Does the integration of ICT see improvements in performance, attitude, or achievement. What do I expect students to be able to do after instruction? How will I assess their understanding? Does assessment rubric or activity exist or do I have to create one?

Phase 3: Design integration strategies. How will you implement this into the classroom? Will students work together? Will the activities be directed or constructivist or both? Do students have enough time to learn? Do students need to be modelled skills?

Phase 4: Prepare the instructional environment to enable student success. Do you have enough equipment? Do you have a plan B to deal with problems? Do we have the equipment? Is there anything that may stop effective use e.g. internet filters.

Phase 5: Evaluation and revision integration strategies. What worked well in the lesson and what didn`t work well? Did students meet learning objectives? What can I do better?




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